• 3 Ways to Quickly Declutter Your Mind

    We usually think of clutter as physical. It’s all that “stuff” you keep promising you’ll clean up. Left alone, it seems to multiply on its own. Where you just had a few things out of place and distracting you a few days ago, now there are more.

    Clutter is like that. A crowded, messy area magically attracts other items that don’t need to be there. While you may think this isn’t a big deal, it can be. Aside from the danger that substantial clutter provides (it can be a fire hazard, you may trip over it, etc.), any amount can be distracting. This kills your focus and concentration.

    You don’t have much physical clutter in your environment. You are exceptionally neat and organized. Suppose that’s the case, good for you. Remember that clutter can also exist in your mind. Having too many unnecessary things in your head at once can keep you from focusing on the things that matter.

    Here are three simple ways to de-clutter your mind. They go to work immediately, removing thoughts, obsessions, and other mental messes so you enjoy less stress and anxiety and better mental wellness.

    1. Divorce Yourself from Drama

    This might mean saying goodbye to some people in your life. If they don’t provide more positives than negatives, their drama might not be worthwhile. Being around a dramatic individual regularly fills your head with unnecessary distractions.

    The issues that the drama queens in your life are constantly dealing with become your issues to some extent. Ditch the drama. Say no to problems and individuals you don’t have to deal with. If the drama isn’t yours, you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

    2. Stop Living in the Past and Worrying about the Future

    You may worry about the future just a little bit. It makes much sense to plan your life. If not, you’re letting chance, other people, and circumstances decide how your life will go.

    You probably know what we’re talking about here. It doesn’t make any sense to obsess over things in your past. They’re gone, and you can’t change them. Use any lessons learned to move on with more information.

    As far as the future goes, constantly worrying about it won’t do you any good. This clogs up your brain and leaves no space for your mental machinery to deal with your life.

    3. If It Runs on Electricity, Spend Less Time with It

    From when some people wake up until they go to bed, they are bathing in digital distractions. You have your unique electrical field. Constantly exposing yourself to the electromagnetic fields of your phone and tablet, television, laptop, and all the consumer electronics you encounter at work and play can fry your brain and fill it with mind-numbing clutter.

    These are things you can do right now, this very minute. When you do, you immediately start clearing out your mental storage unit. The benefits are less stress, more focus, and better mental health; you might sleep better at night.

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