• Benefits of Meditation

    Most of us know, by now, that meditation has many benefits.  For instance, we already know it provides stress relief. But, did you know that meditation can do more than help us deal with stress? Meditation can help us improve our health and overall sense of wellbeing. I personally use guided meditation. Not only does it help me feel more relaxed and calm, but it greatly helps with chronic pain. What are the benefits of meditation? I’ve listed seven.

    1. Stress Relief

    This is the most obvious benefit of meditation. Studies show that practicing meditation daily can greatly aid with stress relief. Not only does it make you feel calmer, it can also help lower your blood pressure. Remember, when you learn to meditate, you are learning how to calm your own mind and/or thoughts. This comes in handy when faced with stressful situations. Life is full of them! By practicing meditation, even if it’s just ten minutes a day, your mind and body will learn how to handle these stressful situations with more ease.

    2.  Anxiety

    I can use myself in this example. I deal with chronic pain. With chronic pain, comes anxiety. It can be a vicious cycle. Whenever I feel my anxiety coming back, I meditate. I practice guided meditation and I do it for ten minutes, every day. I started meditating six months ago, and I have noticed a big difference. I am now able to relax, and I can even fall asleep faster when I’m having a flare in pain. I chose guided meditation because it is easier for me; I have a lot of trouble quieting my mind sometimes. Guided meditation is perfect for me and others who are similar. It’s quick, and it will take you out of whatever is causing your anxiety.

    3. Chronic Pain

    Many people in this country alone suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is just that, “chronic”, meaning it is always going to be a concern; unlike more acute types of pain. The pain, though varying daily in intensity, will always be there and will likely disrupt our lives. For example, many with chronic pain have to learn different ways to cope. Meditation (along with psychotherapy, for example) can be a great add-on to your treatment plan. There are no side effects of meditation, it won’t cost anything, and it will be available to you at all times. For example, I’ve even learned how to meditate when I’m stuck in a long line at the grocery store. Meditation can take you out of your pain, at least for a few minutes. Plus, you will feel calmer and sleep better.

    4. Insomnia

    Practicing meditation can even help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer. It does not matter what time of day you meditate, just as long as you incorporate it into your daily routine. For example, I practice guided mediation only in the mornings before I start my day. However, I’ve noticed a change in my sleeping habits. I now get more hours of sleep, and it is easier to fall asleep. So, if you are currently battling a form of insomnia yet do not wish to take sleeping medication, I believe meditation can be a great alternative.

    5. Addictions

    Meditation teaches you how to discipline your mind. By practicing meditation, you are training yourself to quiet your mind and/or intrusive thoughts. The self-discipline you will learn will help you break dependencies. This will increase feelings of self-control; allowing you to break free from addictive behaviors.

    6. Meditation can improve your sense of well-being

    Meditation is an extremely calming activity. It reminds you to stay in the present moment and will keep you from dwelling in the past or the future. You will feel more centered and you will even learn how to handle difficult situations differently. Meditation can also help improve your mood. So if you suffer from depression or another mood disorder, meditation can have a lasting effect.

    7. Meditation can promote spiritual growth

    Lastly, meditation can help you to silence your mind. Many people believe meditation can help us feel closer to God or any other higher power that you believe in. When you meditate, especially if you incorporate it into your daily life, you will feel a greater sense of joy and peace.

    Those are just a few benefits of meditation!

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