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    Here at Core3 we focus on building a successful and strong therapeutic alliance with our clients.

    We believe that Carl Rogers’s theories and point of view regarding the client-therapist relationship is key to achieving positive changes in one’s life. Recognition and awareness of emotions and healthy techniques for coping are discussed and discovered in our counseling sessions.

    Here at Core3 we:

    • are genuinely engaged in the therapeutic relationship
    • Have unconditional positive regard for the client
    • Feel empathy for the client
    • Clearly communicate these attitudes

    In 2001, a comprehensive research summary published in the journal Psychotherapy found that a strong therapeutic alliance was more closely correlated with positive client outcomes than any specific treatment interventions.

    Core3’s counseling services for individuals, couples and groups model and embrace cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, strength-based, holistic health, and person-centered approaches.

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    We help:

    • Angry/frustrated kids & teens

    • Stuck individuals

    • Struggling groups & teams

    • Distant couples

    • Premarital Counseling *helping couples start smart* as a certified Symbis Facilitator

    We provide a listening ear, a heart full of compassion,

     and a mindfulness presence 

    for any challenges you may be facing.

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    If You Lack Health Insurance Or Your Health Insurance Doesn’t Provide Adequate Mental Health Benefits, Core3 Can Provide Affordable In-Office And Online Teletherapy Sessions. Many Clients Cannot Afford Current Market Rates For Therapy (Between $80-$200 A Session). At Core3, We Want To Assist You In Getting The Help You Need Within A Budget You Can Afford!