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    Father’s are Forever: 6 Ways to Honor Your Dad’s Memory on Father’s Day

    By Jazmin Stearne

    Father’s Day can be a somber holiday for some. If you have lost your father (or someone close to you who was a father-figure), you may be feeling sad on days like this. My grandfather was actually my father-figure; and I miss him every day. I always celebrated this holiday with him. If you’re like me you may be wondering, how can I still honor his memory? I’ve put together a list of six ways you can still honor your father and keep his legacy alive.

    1. Write about him

    Journaling can be a very soothing activity. Writing is a therapeutic way to express your thoughts and feelings. It is known to reduce stress as well. Write about your favorite memories of your dad. Or, consider writing him a letter telling him how much you miss having him around. I have personally done this, and I think it can be very soothing. If you like writing poetry, write him a poem. The goal is to release all of the pent up tension and/or sadness you may be feeling. Allow yourself to write about whatever you want. Some find it helpful to write letters to their dads; as if they’ve moved somewhere far away. As you’re writing, tell him what you’ve been up to and all the things you have done since he departed. This can be a deep, but soothing activity and I encourage you to do this at least once.

    1. Visit his resting place

    Some people find comfort in visiting their loved one’s final resting place. Honor his memory by visiting his grave-site, or the spot where his ashes (cremated remains) are placed. While you’re there, place fresh flowers to mark your love for him. “Talk” to him if you wish. While doing this, take all the time you need.

    1. Plant a tree in his honor

    If you have space in your yard, this can be a neat way to commemorate your father’s legacy. When you are ready to plant the sapling, gather all of your loved ones together. If you are spiritual or religious, say a prayer. Did your dad have a favorite prayer? If so, say it together. Then, ask each loved one to toss a handful of dirt before you finish planting it. You could also get a commemorative plaque to place in front of the tree. Was your father a veteran? Put a flag in front of the tree. Be creative.

    1. Cook his favorite meal

    Was your dad a seafood-lover? Did he like sweets? Did he love to BBQ? On Father’s Day, cook his favorite meal. If possible, share the meal with your family and friends. In the Corona-era, this might not be easy to do. It depends on where you are. If you cannot get together with the whole family, invite a small group of people who are closest to you. Alternatively, did your father have a favorite local restaurant? Order in!

    1. Create an online memorial

    This is actually pretty easy to do. If you have cherished photographs of your dad, share them with the world. YouTube is a great place to start. Or, you can use other social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. You can get creative with this. For example, you can create a slideshow and have music playing in the background. This is an online tribute, so it will last forever.

    1. Volunteer

    Was there a cause your dad was passionate about in life? Was he passionate about animals, kids, veterans, etc.? Did he ever volunteer, or donate to a specific charity? If so, consider volunteering for that charity if possible. I have personally done this. My grandpa was an avid dog lover. He had dogs all his life and was greatly affected whenever he heard stories of animal cruelty. He loved German Shepherds. He had one of his own; and that dog was his baby. So, right after he passed, I joined a German Shepherd rescue group. It was very rewarding. I think he’d be proud. I volunteered for two years; as an adoption counselor. So, in this way, I was able to honor his memory and give back to my community.

    Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday to get through, emotionally. However, I believe that dads are forever. If you are missing your dad try one of the things on this list. But most importantly, practice self-care. Honor his legacy however you wish. I ‘talk’ to mine and amazingly, it actually helps me cope with my grief. I like to believe our dads are still watching over us and protecting us even though we aren’t aware of their presence.

    If you are coping with loss and grief remember that help is available.

    The professionals at Core3 are ready to support you through this difficult time.

    If you are in need of counseling, give our office a call. (888) 203-0113.

    Here’s to our Dads~Happy Father’s Day!




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