• How the Nervous System Affects Your Health

    Your nervous system runs and powers every organ and every other system, from your brain to your digestion, breathing, and beyond. But what many people don’t consider is that the natural aging process, toxins, and diseases can damage your nervous system and, therefor, your overall health and well-being.

    What does the nervous system do?

    Your nervous system is a bit like the Internet. But instead of nodes, your nervous system is a large network of specialized cells called neurons that “talk to each other.” These messages, which are really electrical signals, travel between your brain, skin, organs, muscles and glands. And all of the messages help your body to feel sensations, move and work correctly, and help important information get back to the brain.

    Keeping Your Nervous System Healthy to Keep YOU Healthy

    Once you understand that the nervous system powers the rest of your body, organs, and other systems, you realize how important it is to keep your nervous system healthy. Any hit to your nervous system can result in headaches, migraines, muscles spasm, learning difficulties, and more.

    So how do you keep your nervous system healthy?

    • Eat right
    • Exercise
    • Avoid drugs
    • Drink alcohol in moderation
    • Avoid developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes, which can damage your nerves.

    If you’re someone who hasn’t given much thought to your nervous system and all it does for you, it’s time you start. Take care of it, and it will take care of you!

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