• How to Celebrate Easter During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Social distancing can make it harder to participate in most Easter festivities this year. Some traditional Easter foods (like eggs) may be harder to find, or you may want to save the eggs you already have for eating instead of decorating them. It is considered unsafe to dye Easter eggs then eat them. According to financial site WalletHub, 70% of people in the US plan to celebrate Easter at home this year. Last year, only 25% of people stayed home. I’ve listed four ways to celebrate Easter during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    1. Do an alternative Easter egg hunt

    You and your family won’t be able to do this like you normally would in years past, but it can still be done. Instead of going to a park or playground for an Easter egg hunt, have one in your own backyard if possible. You won’t be able to invite neighborhood kids or distant relatives due to social distancing laws, but this way your kids can still have this activity—it will just be in your own home.

    2. Rethink Easter gifts

    You may not be able to give your little ones Easter baskets this year. That is okay, because money is tight for most and online delivery might not be as fast this year. Here’s one neat idea—get the kids digital gifts instead. For example, purchase a new movie or game and stay indoors to watch or play it.

    3. Order delivery for Easter dinner

    You might not be able to visit relatives or go to a friend’s house for Easter dinner with social distancing laws in place. So instead, why not order in? Order from your favorite local restaurant. If possible, order your meal in advance. This way you can enjoy your meal at home with minimal stress on your part. Plus, you will also be supporting local businesses.

    4. Consider attending a virtual Easter service

    Some churches are still holding services for Easter. This may not be the safest option for you and your family. However, some churches are holding services virtually—which is a good idea. You may need to do a little research online to see which churches are utilizing this streaming option.

    Easter this year will be different, without a doubt. But with a little planning, you and your family can still enjoy this important holiday. As always, follow CDC guidelines and practice good common sense. Happy Easter.

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