• How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine


    Without a doubt, Mother’s Day will be different this year. With the Coronavirus outbreak, we need to stay vigilant and practice good common sense. This is true even on holidays. This is a temporary situation, and we must all remember to follow CDC guidelines and the advice of our elected officials. We can still celebrate our favorite holiday’s, we just need to be careful. So how can we celebrate Mother’s Day while under quarantine? I’ve listed 5 ways to celebrate Mom this year.

    1. Send Mom an online greeting card

    This is an easy way to show her your love and appreciation. You can even personalize your virtual card with photos and music. This is a cute way to make her smile.

    2. Treat her to dinner

    Treat mom to her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant. Obviously, you won’t be able to dine-in with her at that restaurant. However, you can treat her to dinner and use apps like Doordash, Grubhub, etc. Once you order, have it delivered to her door or use the take-out option. This is a great option for both mom (she won’t have to cook) and local restaurants (they need our support).

    3. Watch a feel-good movie together

    Many of us will be stuck inside for Mother’s Day. What better way to spend time with her than a movie marathon? Make popcorn. Order in. Some examples of mother-daughter movies include Steel Magnolias, Little Women, and Thelma & Louise among others

    4. Host “Happy Hour”, virtually

    This is a great way to celebrate Mom. Set up FaceTime (or Zoom, or whatever your favorite app is) and have a virtual happy hour with your mom. Does she have a favorite drink? Make one in her honor, then raise your glass and toast her. You and Mom can also chat, play games, or even tune in to a virtual concert. It is a different, but wonderful way you and Mom can spend time together

    5. Have a picnic in your backyard

    May is usually regarded as a pleasant month. It brings with it Mother’s Day and much better weather. If you’re at home with her (and if weather permits), make your dining experience more fun. Take her out on a picnic in your own backyard! Celebrate the holiday outdoors. Eat food from her favorite local restaurants or have “picnic type” snacks such as fresh fruit, sandwiches, and lemonade.

    Mother’s Day 2020 may be different than it was in years passed. However, it does not have to be cancelled or less enjoyable. Follow these tips to have a unique Mother’s Day and make new memories.

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