• How to Cope with Chronic Pain

    Millions of people live with chronic pain. Unlike acute pain (ex. appendicitis or a broken leg) chronic pain will always be there. Some days are better than others; yet most of us still have bad days. Living with chronic pain can be so isolating. Many people who are in pain miss out on important life events (weddings, holiday gatherings, etc). This can lead to clinical depression and anxiety. Sometimes, the depression is just as unbearable as the pain. How do you cope with chronic pain? As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I’ve found six ways to cope with chronic pain as well as the depression and anxiety that often comes with it.

    Learn How to Meditate

    I can use myself as an example. Last July, I started practicing guided meditation. I admit, I was a huge skeptic. I knew it works for others but I didn’t think it would work for me because I’ve always had problems with “clearing my mind”. However last July, after a severe bout with pain, I figured why not. So I started with guided meditation since it is the easiest for me. If you are like me, and have problems clearing your mind, I recommend guided meditation. I meditate every morning for ten minutes. I am so glad I learned how to meditate, as it is great for my anxiety and it makes me feel more at peace. I’ve applied this skill everywhere: when I’m in pain and waiting for my medicine to kick in, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and even in long lines at the grocery store! It really does help. If you want, you can even diffuse essential oils while you’re meditating. Sometimes an aromatherapy experience can enhance your meditation session.

    Acupuncture and Alternative Medicines

    Acupuncture has been around for centuries. I have tried it many times, and it helps with my pain. When I leave the acupuncturist’s office, I always feel more calm and at peace. Some people fall asleep after an acupuncture session. It is that relaxing. If you are looking for an alternative treatment for your condition, acupuncture might be the perfect add-on to your treatment plan. Reiki is something else you could try. It is a form of “energy medicine” and has helped many people. When it comes to treating your pain, it would be helpful to keep an open mind as there are quite a few treatments out there that have helped others. Also, people have turned to medical marijuana for the treatment of their pain. It has many benefits such as: increased appetite, decreased depression and anxiety, and temporary pain relief.

    Get Support

    When battling any type of illness it is crucial you receive the support you need and deserve. Don’t live in isolation. That will make things worse. Start with family and friends. Join a support group with likeminded people if you’re loved ones aren’t supportive. There are many negative stereotypes about chronic pain that are still out there. Sometimes you might feel that your family members don’t believe you; and your friends may think you’re exaggerating. That’s when support groups really come in handy. It can be comforting to be around people who have similar experiences and even better: you can support each other.

    Find a Therapist

    Are you living with chronic pain and need someone to talk to confidentially? Seeing a therapist is a great idea. As I said already, depression and anxiety usually accompany chronic pain. If you’re looking for a therapist, give us a call.

    Adopt a Pet

    Pets are wonderful healers. If you are ready for a pet, go adopt one. My Chihuahua actually knows when I’m in pain. When I’m having a flare up, she will not leave my side. Pets are great for chronic pain because they will never stigmatize you or put you down as some people will do. And for the record, if you have people like that in your life it is OK to not be around them when you are having a pain flare. You deserve all the love in the world, so don’t be around people who stigmatize you. Surround yourself with loving people and this includes pets.

    Alter Your Diet

    I’ve recently switched to an anti-inflammatory diet. This diet includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. You may even want to try out the well-known FODMAP diet. Ask your doctor for details. We also provide Holistic Health Coaching and Wellness Services here at Core3.

    If you are suffering from chronic pain always remember that you are not alone. The whole experience can be debilitating and depressing. You deserve a better quality of life.

    If you are looking for a therapist, give us a call. (888) 203-0113.

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