• Introducing Your New Partner to Your Parents

    Falling in love is fantastic. You and the other person talk on the phone for hours, complete each other’s sentences, and give each other butterflies when you see each other in person. Life feels perfect. Could this special someone be “the one?”

    Before you can spend the rest of your life together, you must first introduce your new partner to your parents. *Gulp*

    There is no denying that introducing new partners to parents can be nerve-wracking. What if they don’t like your new girlfriend? What if your boyfriend doesn’t like them?

    Here are some suggestions for making that first meeting go as smoothly and peacefully as possible:

    Get Them Primed

    Parents are far more likely to give this new person a chance if they know things are serious between the two of you. So don’t just show up for dinner with your Significant Other (S.O.) one day. Do a little prep work by sharing photos and stories of how you met, a recent date, etc. When they know this person matters to you, they’ll be more apt to come to the meeting with an open mind and heart.

    Draft Your Siblings

    If you have siblings, introduce your partner to them first. No need to make the meeting a big deal; keep it casual. Take your S.O. when you swing by your brother’s place to pick up those golf clubs. Text your sister to have her stop by the diner. If you can show how happy you are to your siblings, they’ll pass this information on to your parents.


    Your new partner shouldn’t feel like they are going on a job interview. How can they be themselves if they are anxious, worried, or nervous? If you are relaxed, they will feel comfortable.

    And last but not least, remember that your parents love you and want what’s best for you. They want you to be happy. So don’t be too outraged if they don’t warm up immediately.