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    THERAPY WITHIN REACH means affordable and empathetic care for people and families in need. Open Path is here for you if you cannot afford current market rates for therapy or lack adequate health insurance coverage.

    Our sliding scale rates—$70-80 per individual session—allow clients access to top-quality therapy with Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services, LLC.

    Open Enrollment For A Limited Number Of Open Path Clients Occur Every January & July.



    Search for Core3 Harmony & Wellness therapist Megan Dozler on the Open Path network.


    Once you’ve found Core3 Harmony & Wellness therapist Megan Dozler, register and pay a one-time fee of $65 to become an Open Path Member. Your lifetime membership will allow you to work with Megan Dozler, a verified Open Path therapist, for $70–$80/session if there is a financial need.


    Schedule appointments directly with your therapist once you have been connected online. Specific days/times are available for Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services Open Path Clients.

    Once registered with Open Path, please contact Core3 to make an appointment!

    Take Your Next Step at openpathcollective.org

    All Are Welcome! 1-800-268-2833 [email protected]

    Open Path is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization