• Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: S.Y.M.B.I.S More Information

    A marriage should be everything it was meant to be. As you and your partner begin to embark on this journey, consider taking a SYMBIS assessment. What is SYMBIS? SYMBIS stands for, “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”. It is important to note that couples who are not yet engaged can take this assessment. It is never too early to begin building the foundations of a happy, healthy marriage. Couples already married can take this assessment too. The assessment only takes thirty minutes and can be taken from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. After both you and your partner finish taking it, a qualified SYMBIS facilitator will help the two of you interpret the results. The SYMBIS assessment touches on the six following areas.

    1. Money Methods

    This part of the SYMBIS assessment will help identify you and your partner’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to finances, such as money management strategies. This area can help avoid any financial friction between the two of you.

    2. Personalities

    This will enable you and your partner to better understand each other’s personalities, not just as individuals but as a couple

    3. Fight Types

    This will help you discover you and your partner’s “Hot Topics” and how to leverage conflict for a stronger, loving relationship.

    4. Talking Styles:

    This area of the assessment will enable you and your partner to better understand each other’s talking styles; for better communication and a lasting connection.

    5. Love Life

    This part will help cultivate deeper feelings of intimacy and passion.

    6. Deepest Longing

    The last part of the assessment will help you and your partner create and achieve a lasting soul-to-soul connection. This will allow you to increase the quality of your relationship.

    If you and your partner are ready to take the SYMBIS assessment, give us a call to schedule your free consultation. (888) 203-0113.

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