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    Come Groove & Grow™ with Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services®, early childhood music and movement program. We help young children grow and develop through music with songs, instrument play, and movement. Each session is tailored to your child’s needs. Our training and experience have been acquired through Raising Harmony™. This training is the only early childhood music program created by music therapists and offered through board-certified music therapists (MT-BC) who complete the Raising Harmony™ early childhood training. With their expertise in music therapy and special training in early childhood development, Sprouting Melodies Providers™ are uniquely qualified to cater to the needs of individual children within groups. They also teach parents how music can strengthen bonds, engage cooperation and transform situations within the family.

    All the songs used in our Groove & Grow™ program are created or adapted by Board Certified Music Therapists to address areas of development in young children. Music within the session is live with accompaniment on guitar, ukulele, piano, and percussion. We follow the rhythm and tempo of the child. Each 45-minute parent/child session is created to address areas of development in young children and encourage musical, social, pre-academic, physical, and emotional growth. Our evidence-based curriculum features both original and familiar songs that are easy for parents to sing along to.

    Groove & Grow™ 1 & 2 (0-18 months)

    Groove & Grow™ 1 & 2 (0-18 months) focuses on the earliest stages of development and babies’ initial exploration. The sessions stimulates and comforts younger babies in the awareness phase and encourages active music making for those in the trust phase. The unique interaction between 0-18-month-olds fosters awareness, trust, and exploration through music.

    Groove & Grow™ 3 for (18 months-3 years)

    Groove & Grow™ 3 (18 months-3 years) caters to toddlers’ growth and exploration, providing routine and freedom for self-expression and social relationships. Through instrument play, movement, and singing, children in these sessions are supported in their journey of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.

    *Become a Groove & Grow™ Ambassador!
    We are currently seeking interested families and potential host sites to bring Groove & Grow™ to Solano, Napa and the surrounding counties! If you are interested or would like more information about becoming a Groove & Grow™ Ambassador to help us expand this program, please send an email to: 
    [email protected]