• Unlock Your Biological Data

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    Do you have concerns or problems with any of the following?

    • Weight Control
    • Nutrient Deficiencies
    • Heavy Metals
    • Anti-Aging
    • Inflammation
    • Vascular Health
    • Thyroid Function
    • Hormones
    • Sex & Energy

    Then Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services Can Help You Unlock Your Biological Data Through Direct Discounted Blood Work And Lab Testing – No Doctor Required!

    Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services is an authorized affiliate for YourLabWork at https://yourlabwork.com/?ref=827 we are excited to be able to offer this amazing resource to you!

    At YourLabWork you can order your own labs at 50-80% less than what you will pay anywhere else, from a reliable and trusted resource.

    YourLabWork was created by Dr. Alan Hopkins–an ER doctor, anti-aging expert and consultant to biomarker companies–who saw increasing numbers of patients coming into his ER with cancer, heart attacks, strokes and complications from diabetes … most preventable through food and lifestyle choices … AND at younger and younger ages. Dr. Alan started YourLabWork because he believes so strongly in the need for access to thorough, complete labs as part of our proactive and preventative health care, so that we can spot and work to resolve problems BEFORE an illness or medical condition occurs.

    Dr. Alan works directly with health coaches to get the message out about preventative care and the importance of labs. Being able to unlock your own biological data is an amazing tool to have in your health and wellness toolbox.

    If You’d Like To Order Your Own Labs, Please Use Core3s Link Here:


    Have your blood drawn at any Quest Lab location in the United States (or any local draw station that works with Quest Labs) and your lab results are delivered right to your email inbox.

    Using the link costs you nothing. You receive discounted labs (at 50-80% less than you would pay elsewhere) in a safe, confidential and convenient way and a small percentage of your purchase helps to support Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services. Thank you!!

    Disclaimer: Staff at Core3 are not medical doctors and cannot receive lab results from the lab, read/interpret labs, diagnose or treat any medical condition! You share your lab results with Core3 if you wish to have a Holistic Wellness Consultation with us.

    What we can do is share with you Dr. Alan’s optimal functional ranges for labs, guide you to resources to help you understand your labs; share with you food, lifestyle and supplement changes you may want to consider based on your lab results and share information regarding potential concerns or red flags that you may want to investigate further or discuss with your doctor.

    Need Help Deciding Which Labs You Need?

    Contact us at [email protected] and let us know you are interested in unlocking your biological data and we will email you an intake form. This form will help us get to know you and your health concerns and goals.

    free 20-minute consultation will be provided to discuss your needs and the labs that you may want to consider to help further your goals.