• Why I Love Being a Dog Mom

    I have a chihuahua. Her name is Lily. My mom found her as an abandoned puppy, back in 2013. Ever since then Lily has been my rock, best friend, and she even acts as a therapist at times. Yes, being a dog mom is one of my greatest joys. She may not be a human child but that doesn’t matter to me. To me, she is my child. The only difference is, she has fur and four legs. On the night she was found (a cold, rainy night!) she was obviously afraid and had been through a lot. When I first laid eyes on her, I knew she was mine. Dogs have a way of coming into our lives when we need them most. Lily was no different. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I felt it was important to express why I love being a “dog mom”. I’ve listed six reasons why it brings me such joy.

    1. My dog provides me with love and comfort when I need it most

    Dogs are known to give endless amounts of affection to their humans. I live alone and I suffer from chronic pain. I cannot tell you how many times Lily has snuggled up to me while I’m having a pain flare. Some-how she knows when I’m in pain and she will not leave my side until it is over. It makes all the difference in the world to me and it helps me feel comforted and at peace. It is love.

    2. She is always happy to see me!

    When I come home from a hard day at school (or from wherever!) there is no one happier to see me than my dog. Lily dances with joy when I come home. She even does this if I’ve only been out for five minutes! It shows how much she loves me and missed me. On the flip side, when I leave home she whines as if she’s begging me to come back!

    3. She gives me unconditional love

    My dog always shows me unconditional love. Every day. She knows I’m her mom and she appreciates me. She is happy as long as she’s in my presence. This always melts my heart.

    4. I’m never lonely

    As I mentioned above, I live alone. It is easy to feel lonely when you live alone. However, that’s not always the case if you are a dog parent. When you are a dog parent, you will always have someone to go for random car rides with, to “Netflix-and-Chill” with, to snuggle with, to sleep with….you get the picture. Dogs want to be around their humans at all times. It is easy for dogs to get lonely too, as they are social creatures like humans are. I guarantee that if you become a dog parent you can say goodbye to loneliness.

    5. She keeps me safe

    Dogs are known to be fiercely protective over their humans. Your dog would give it’s life for you, and that is a fact. It is important to note that it doesn’t matter what size your dog is. Their barking will likely scare away intruders. My little chihuahua is only 7 pounds and she is still my protector. She always keeps me safe. Dogs can also detect earthquakes and smoke among other things. If anything is “off” to them they will most certainly let you know!

    6. She keeps me going

    Dogs can be a lot of work. You need to feed them, walk them, take them to the vet when they’re sick, etc. However, this will also keep you going. Being a dog parent is such a rewarding experience. If you get depressed and have the urge to stay in bed for the day, your dog will make you get out of bed. They are furry alarm clocks and will force you out of your bed even on the days you don’t want to. My dog gives me something to love and look forward to. They may be a lot of “work”, but boy does it pay off! My dog depends on me for everything (much like a human child) but I get a lot of love and happiness in return.

    Dog parenthood isn’t for everyone. However, if you are curious about getting one, there are ways to see if it’s for you. I would advise you to enroll in a foster program at your local humane society first (I have done this!). This is a great way to see if dog ownership is for you. If you are ready to take the next step, head to your local animal shelter and save a life. You won’t regret it.

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