• Work from Home Survival Guide: 7 Easy Steps By Jazmin Stearne


    Work from Home Survival Guide: 7 Easy Steps

    By Jazmin Stearne

    Working from home is not as easy as it may seem. For instance, your home may also be used as an office and maybe even a classroom.  How can you establish boundaries so that you and your family members (who may also be working and/or going to school from home) so that you can all get along? I’ve come up with 7 strategies that you can try as you work from home. I work from home too and I’ve also tried these tips. It is still a work in progress, to be honest, but these strategies have helped me a lot. I hope these tips can help you as well.

    1. Don’t expect perfect silence

    I can use myself in this example. During the first half of the pandemic, I stayed with family. This includes my mom, four dogs, and occasionally my sister and her adorable young children came to visit. Do not expect perfect silence (as I did). Instead, just go with the flow. It’s necessary to ask those who live with you to respect your work space. For instance, when you start in the morning let them know you are going to work and ask them not to bother you until you are on a break.

    1. Set an agenda

    In order to increase your productivity, you will need to create an agenda. For example, write down your most important tasks as well as how much time it will take to complete them. Block out your schedule to incorporate those tasks. For example, it normally takes me 2-3 hours to write a blog post. So when it’s time to start the blog post, I always section out 2-3 hours in my daily planner (which is my iPhone). Organization is key. I cannot stress that enough!

    1. Take Breaks

    This is very important in order to have a productive day. This will obviously prevent burnout and can even help you focus. I actually learned this the hard way. I didn’t like breaks. To me, breaks simply interrupted my workflow. However, through experience I have learned that 10- or 15-minute breaks can help me focus in the long term. During your break I recommend drinking water, stretching, or eating a light snack. Plan and cook your lunches or snacks ahead of time as if you were physically eating it at the office. Again, eating and staying hydrated will help keep your mind focused on the work you need to do.

    1. When you’re not on a break, utilize texting

    This is a helpful tip. I have very few pet-peeves, but I really get annoyed when someone interrupts me when they know I am working. So to avoid that altogether, I have everyone text me when I am working. I always check my text messages while on one of my breaks.

    1. Avoid too much screen time

    Try not to spend too much time on your computer. Too much screen time is very damaging to your eyes and can lead to headaches. Take frequent breaks from your computer and again, stay hydrated!

    1. Diffuse essential oils

    I diffuse essential oils almost every day. Did you know that certain essential oils can improve focus and mental clarity? I recommend our affiliate, Young Living. They produce high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. My favorites (for mental clarity) are rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, and Roman Chamomile. Not only do they boost brain power, they will leave your home office smelling so good. I diffuse my oils for 30 minutes or more. If you wish to purchase these, look for the link I’ve provided at the end of this post.

    1. Be sure to end your day

    I recommend following the same schedule, as if you were in the office. If you normally start at 9am then end at 5pm, you should keep that same schedule at your home office. I cannot stress this enough. Try to keep your home and work life as balanced as you possibly can. When your workday is over, refrain from checking your work email. Instead, check your email in the morning when you start your day.

    I hope these strategies help you as you work from home. Remember, you’ve got this. All it takes is a little self-discipline and self-awareness. Remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, and realize that your home office will be less than perfect. Don’t expect perfection. Remember to set reasonable expectations for yourself and your family.

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