• Adaptive Music Lessons!!

    Core3 Harmony & Wellness Services offers adaptive music lessons to children, adolescents, and adults with all abilities on the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, Saxophone, Voice, and Percussion. If you or someone you know has a strong desire to learn an instrument, but have had difficulty learning in the traditional manner, adaptive lessons are for you.


    Adaptive music lessons are designed to be success oriented and motivating


    Individuals who may benefit include:

    • Persons with developmental or learning disabilities
    • Older adults with a background and love for musical instruments with a desire to continue learning who struggle due to loss of skills and abilities
    • Functioning adults who struggle with traditional learning methods
    • Persons with musical backgrounds who have experienced an injury or illness requiring relearning of skills
    • Persons who have never learned to read music, but have an ear for music and are eager to learn


    Adaptive lessons are a great way for people of all ages to experience musical growth in an individualized and unique learning environment. Adaptive lessons have therapeutic goals, focusing on music, fun, and building of self-potential. Adaptions are made with the technique, style of learning, and physical changes to an instrument for those with specific physical and/or instructional needs.


    What we offer:

    • A consultation and discussion of adaption needs
    • Discuss possible goals with input from the student, parents/caregivers
    • Lessons are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly for 45-60 minutes
    • Community performance opportunities are available
    • Lessons can be provided within your home/residence
    • All lesson materials such as books, music and any adaptive equipment needs will be supplied


    Call us today at (888) 203-0113 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a lesson!!

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